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The best way to Defeat Narzissenkreuz in Genshin Impression A information on Defeating Narzissenkreuz in Genshin Impression

Embarking on the hunt to overcome the mysterious Narzissenkreuz in Genshin Impression opens up an exciting journey within the newly launched Model 4.2 replace. This journey, titled “Waking from the Nice Dream,” takes gamers by a charming narrative involving acquainted characters like Caterpillar, Ann, and Seymour, unraveling the enigma of the Narzissenkreuz Ordo and Annapausis. This text serves as your information to overcoming the challenges posed by Narzissenkreuz and rising victorious on this intriguing story.

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Unlocking the Quest

Earlier than delving into the confrontation with Narzissenkreuz, gamers should full a collection of prerequisite quests in Genshin Impression. Particularly, “Historic Colours,” “Ann of Narzissenkreuz,” and “Unfinished Comedy” should be conquered to achieve entry to the pivotal “Waking from the Nice Dream” quest. Following this, the primary sub-quest, “Search within the Algae Sea,” will routinely unlock, guiding gamers to the Narzissenkreuz Institute. Right here, chatting with Caterpillar initiates the journey in the direction of the third sub-quest, “Waking from the Nice Dream,” the place Narzissenkreuz’s presence turns into obvious.

The showdown with Narzissenkreuz commences after efficiently defeating the Guard Meks within the Savior’s Wake quest. Gamers dive into the Primordial Sea, navigating by an ocean present till they encounter the mastermind himself on the heart of the ocean. Right here, Narzissenkreuz engages in dialog, requesting the Traveler at hand over the Holy Blade of Narzissenkreuz, setting the stage for the final word battle.


The encounter with Narzissenkreuz takes place within the depths of the Primordial Sea, following the completion of the Savior’s Wake quest. Vacationers should swim by the ocean present, resulting in a gathering with the mastermind himself. In a dialogue, Narzissenkreuz requests the Traveler at hand over the Holy Blade of Narzissenkreuz, setting the stage for an intense battle.

Defeating Narzissenkreuz is not any simple feat. Vacationers face a problem as they can not carry their occasion into the battle, and they’re locked onto the Degree 80 model of the Traveler, armed with the Degree 80 Holy Blade of Narzissenkreuz.

Evade & Dodge:

Within the preliminary section of the battle, dodging is paramount, as Narzissenkreuz boasts formidable defenses. Shut-quarters dodging or sustaining a secure distance whereas monitoring assaults proves essential. Although harm dealt is minimal initially, Vacationers should persevere till Narzissenkreuz unleashes the Rain of Blades, signaling a shift in technique.

Rain of Blades:

The Rain of Blades assault marks a turning level. After evading by a portal guided by the Holy Blade, Vacationers return to the battle area. Now, the Holy Blade glows, signaling its charged assault. Gamers ought to dodge and strategize till the right second to unleash the charged assault harm towards Narzissenkreuz.

Charged Assault Harm:

Timing is every little thing. The glowing Holy Blade signifies a charged assault able to unleash devastating harm. Vacationers should heed the immediate and launch a charged assault on the opportune second. In the meantime, they will use regenerating orbs to get well from Narzissenkreuz’s assaults.

Gamers step by step deplete Narzissenkreuz’s HP till a climactic cutscene unfolds, signifying victory. The defeated Narzissenkreuz takes on a diminished look resembling a Hydro Illusion. With this triumph, gamers advance to the subsequent section of the World Quest collection, “Rowboat’s Wake,” the place the group reunites, journeys to Annapausis, and endeavors to avoid wasting Mary-Ann.

Quest Rewards

Finishing the “Waking from the Nice Dream” quest bestows gamers with substantial rewards, together with 30 Primogems, 35,000 Mora, and 200 Journey EXP. Moreover, the achievement “An Immortal Emperor in a Mundane Universe” is unlocked, including 5 Primogems to the participant’s assortment and contributing to the Wonders of the World collection.

The problem posed by Narzissenkreuz in Genshin Impression’s “Waking from the Nice Dream” quest requires a mixture of strategic evasion, exact timing, and persistence to finish. As gamers emerge triumphant, the rewards and achievements earned function a testomony to their talent and willpower in navigating the immersive world of Genshin Impression.