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Learn how to Beat Arlo in Pokemon GO(December 2023) A information on Beating Arlo in Pokemon GO(December 2023)

Pokemon GO fanatics are on a relentless quest to overcome the formidable challenges offered by Workforce GO Rocket leaders, and one of the vital formidable opponents is Arlo. Arlo boasts a formidable roster of Shadow Pokemon, making battles towards him a strategic feat. Because the battle lineup continually evolves, trainers want exact data and potent counters to emerge victorious towards Arlo. This information unravels the thriller behind Arlo’s Shadow Pokemon for December 2023, providing useful insights and highly effective methods to make sure triumph.

Credit – PokemonGOHub

Finding Arlo in Pokemon GO

Earlier than diving into the battle, trainers should embark on a preliminary mission to trace down Arlo. By defeating a number of grunts and assembling six Mysterious Parts, a Rocket Radar is crafted. This invaluable device aids in pinpointing Arlo’s location. As trainers gear up for the showdown, strategic planning with applicable counters turns into paramount for achievement.

Arlo’s Shadow Pokemon Lineup

Arlo instructions a formidable lineup of seven Shadow Pokemon, every possessing formidable battle capabilities. The battle unfolds in three phases, with the primary spherical that includes a single consultant, whereas the next rounds current Arlo with three selections for every. Navigating by the unpredictability of the latter phases requires a deep understanding of Pokemon GO meta-knowledge to pick out optimum counters.

Part-wise Breakdown:

Arlo’s First Part Counters

First Part: Shadow Bellsprout

    • Sort: Grass/Poison
    • Weak point: Hearth, Flying, Psychic, Ice
    • Resistances: Preventing, Water, Electrical, Fairy, Grass
    • Counter Choices:
      • Heatran (Hearth Spin & Magma Storm)
      • Yveltal (Gust & Oblivion Wing)
      • Mewtwo (Psycho Minimize & Psystrike)
      • Rayquaza (Air Slash & Dragon Ascent)
      • Glaceon (Ice Shard & Icy Wind)
      • Blaziken (Hearth Spin & Blast Burn)

Arlo’s Second Part Counters

The second part of Arlo’s problem introduces a component of unpredictability, as he can select from Shadow Alakazam, Shadow Mismagius, or Shadow Sharpedo. Trainers have to be ready with versatile counters to deal with any of those formidable opponents.

Second Part: Shadow Alakazam, Shadow Mismagius, Shadow Sharpedo

    • Shadow Alakazam
      • Sort: Psychic
      • Weak point: Ghost, Darkish, Bug
      • Resistance: Preventing, Psychic
      • Counter Choices:
        • Hydreigon (Double Kick & Sacred Sword)
        • Tyranitar (Counter & Aura Sphere)
        • Darkrai (Snarl & Shadow Ball)
        • Origin Giratina (Shadow Claw & Shadow Drive)
        • Confined Hoopa (Astonish & Shadow Ball)
        • Chandelure (Hex & Poltergeist)
        • Gholdengo (Hex & Shadow Ball)
        • Volcarona (Bug Chunk & Bug Buzz)
    • Shadow Sharpedo
      • Sort: Water and Darkish
      • Weak point: Bug, Electrical, Fairy, Preventing, Grass
      • Resistance: Psychic, Darkish, Hearth, Ghost, Ice, Metal, Water
      • Counter Choices:
        • Kartana (Razor Leaf & Leaf Blade)
        • Xurkitree (Thunder Shock & Discharge)
        • Terrakion (Double Kick & Sacred Sword)
        • Unusual Keldeo (Low Kick & Sacred Sword)
        • Zekrom (Cost Beam & Fusion Bolt)
        • Lucario (Counter & Aura Sphere)
        • Pheromosa (Bug Chunk & Focus Blast)
        • Primal Groudon (Mud Shot & Photo voltaic Beam)
    • Shadow Mismagius
      • Sort: Ghost
      • Weak point: Ghost, Darkish
      • Resistance: Regular, Preventing, Bug, Poison
      • Counter Choices:
        • Gengar (Shadow Claw & Shadow Ball)
        • Hydreigon (Chunk & Brutal Swing)
        • Darkrai (Feint Assault & Darkish Pulse)
        • Tyranitar (Chunk & Brutal Swing)
        • Assault Deoxys (Zen Headbutt & Darkish Pulse)
        • Origin Giratina (Shadow Claw & Shadow Drive)
        • Sharpedo (Chunk & Crunch)
        • Chandelure (Hex & Shadow Ball)

Arlo’s Third Part Counters

The third and ultimate part presents one other formidable problem with Arlo selecting from Shadow Snorlax, Shadow Scizor, and Shadow Magnezone. Trainers should fastidiously choose counters based mostly on the strengths and weaknesses of those Shadow Pokemon.

Third Part: Shadow Snorlax, Shadow Scizor, Shadow Magnezone

    • Snorlax
      • Sort: Regular
      • Weak point: Preventing
      • Resistance: Ghost
      • Counter Choices:
        • Terrakion (Double Kick & Sacred Sword)
        • Buzzwole (Counter & Superpower)
        • Conkeldurr (Counter & Dynamic Punch)
        • Lucario (Counter & Aura Sphere)
        • Breloom (Counter & Dynamic Punch)
        • Machamp (Counter & Shut Fight)
    • Shadow Magnezone
      • Sort: Electrical and Metal
      • Weak point: Preventing, Hearth, Floor
      • Resistance: Flying, Poison, Metal, Bug, Dragon, Electrical, Fairy, Grass, Ice, Regular, Psychic, Rock
      • Counter Choices:
        • Excadrill (Mud-Slap & Drill Run)
        • Groudon (Mud Shot & Precipice Blades)
        • Mamoswine (Mud-Slap & Excessive Horsepower)
        • Garchomp (Mud Shot & Earth Energy)
        • Incarnate Landorus (Mud Shot & Earth Energy)
        • Golurk (Mud-Slap & Earth Energy)
        • Terrakion (Double Kick & Sacred Sword)
    • Shadow Scizor
      • Sort: Bug and Metal
      • Weak point: Hearth
      • Resistance: Grass, Poison, Bug, Psychic, Fairy, Ice, Regular, Metal, Dragon
      • Counter Choices:
        • Blaziken (Hearth Spin & Blast Burn)
        • Entei (Hearth Fang & Flamethrower)
        • Charizard (Hearth Spin & Blast Burn)
        • Infernape (Hearth Spin & Blast Burn)
        • Delphox (Hearth Spin & Mystical Hearth)
        • Flareon (Hearth Spin & Flamethrower)
        • Heatran (Hearth Spin & Flamethrower)
        • Chandelure (Incinerate & Flame Cost)

Mastering Arlo’s Shadow Pokemon requires a pretentious quantity of planning, a deep understanding of kind benefits, and a various lineup of counters. By strategically using the best Pokemon at every part, trainers can confidently face Arlo and emerge victorious on this planet of Pokemon GO.