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How To Get “The Plasma Cutter” Beam Rifle in Remnant 2 A information on Getting “The Plasma Cutter” Beam Rifle in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, the hunt for highly effective gear to decimate foes is a high precedence for gamers. Among the many sought-after arsenal, the Plasma Cutter Beam Rifle stands out as a formidable lengthy gun that may deal devastating harm with its concentrated power beam. Nevertheless, buying this high-tech weapon is not any straightforward feat, requiring a sequence of particular steps and a stroke of luck. On this information, we’ll delve into the method of acquiring the Plasma Cutter and unlocking its full potential to develop into the final word weapon for vital hit builds in Remnant 2.

Credit – GameSkinny

Step 1: The Location 

The Plasma Cutter is hid throughout the Timeless Horizon, a hub-style map accessible after finishing the primary principal dungeon on the desolate and doomed planet, N’Erud. Gamers should enterprise to a crashed ship close to the Titan’s Attain checkpoint to seek out the coveted weapon. Nevertheless, it’s important to notice that the weapon’s actual location might range between totally different map situations, including a component of unpredictability to the hunt.

Step 2: The Navigator’s Helm – The Key to Unlocking the Plasma Cutter

Earlier than trying to entry the Plasma Cutter, gamers should purchase the Navigator’s Helm, a vital armor piece that seems to be designed explicitly for this encounter. This particular helmet is discovered within the Extraction Hub, an open-world space which will or might not spawn within the Timeless Horizon or Eon Vault.

To find the Navigator’s Helm, gamers ought to discover the tunnels throughout the giant floor pounders’ neighborhood, which can result in the helmet hidden among the many zombies. Equipping the Navigator’s Helm is the one identified approach to cross the scanner verify in entrance of the crashed ship’s locked door, granting entry to the Plasma Cutter.

Step 3: Equipping the Navigator’s Helm and getting the Plasma Cutter

As soon as the Navigator’s Helm is within the participant’s possession, return to the crashed ship and put on the helmet whereas standing in entrance of the scanner. With the helmet outfitted, the scanner will acknowledge the participant’s entry and open the blast door, unveiling the highly effective Plasma Cutter.

Step 4: Unleashing the Energy of the Plasma Cutter

The Plasma Cutter’s prowess lies in its capacity to deal ramping harm by means of the distinctive mod, Heatsink. This mod enhances the weapon’s ramping harm impact by an astonishing 300% whereas concurrently decreasing its warmth buildup, adopting the Overheat mechanic shared by sure different weapons.

Regardless of some variations from its predecessor, the Beam Rifle, the Plasma Cutter stays an distinctive selection for the Gunslinger and Hunter Archetypes. It synergizes exceptionally effectively with the Momentum Mutator, considerably growing its vital hit probability and harm. Whereas its static mod selection and Overheat mechanic might render it barely weaker, its uncooked energy greater than compensates for this minor setback.


In conclusion, acquiring the highly effective Plasma Cutter Beam Rifle in Remnant 2 might require some perseverance, nevertheless it’s effectively well worth the effort. As the sport’s areas are procedurally generated, gamers might need to reroll maps a number of instances. The Plasma Cutter, a formidable Lengthy Gun, can deal devastating harm to opponents, particularly up shut. To accumulate it, gamers should observe particular steps, together with discovering the Navigator’s Helm to cross the scanner verify and unlock the crashed ship’s door.

Though the Plasma Cutter differs barely from its predecessor, the Beam Rifle, it stays an distinctive weapon for vital hit builds. Its distinctive mod, Heatsink, enhances its ramping harm impact and reduces warmth buildup. Whereas it requires Lumenite Crystals for upgrades, the Plasma Cutter nonetheless excels with the Momentum Mutator, making it a well-liked selection for Gunslinger and Hunter Archetypes.

With this information, gamers can confidently search out the Plasma Cutter and add this formidable weapon to their arsenal, making certain they will blast by means of enemies with unparalleled energy within the high-tech world of Remnant 2. Comfortable looking!