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How To Get the Cross-Naginata in Elden Ring A information on Getting the Cross-Naginata in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Cross-Naginata stands out as an notorious spear, coveted for its excellence in each PVP and PVE. The attraction lies not simply in its energy however within the simplicity of acquiring this distinctive weapon. Be part of us on a journey via the Lands Between as we unravel the secrets and techniques of buying the formidable Cross-Naginata.

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As avid gamers traverse the expansive Lands Between, they could encounter misplaced realms talked about in weapon and merchandise descriptions. One such fascinating area is the Lands of Reed, a homage to feudal Japan, the place valiant samurais roam. Amidst the landscapes echoing the spirit of Japan’s feudal period, enemies wielding katanas are considerable. Katanas, harking back to FromSoft’s Darkish Souls collection, are formidable in Elden Ring. But, amid the samurai fervor, many might overlook a hidden gem – the Cross-Naginata.

The Cross-Naginata distinguishes itself as a uncommon spear with innate Bloodloss build-up, a function that may be additional intensified by making use of Ash of Wars, using Blood affinity, or casting the Bloodflame spell. Its outstanding vary empowers gamers to soundly inflict Hemorrhage build-up via strategic poke assaults. Now, let’s embark on a information to acquiring this elusive weapon in Elden Ring.

Cross-Naginata Location Information:

To say the Cross-Naginata, intrepid gamers should enterprise into the Gael Tunnel, conveniently situated close to the doorway of Caelid. Worry not, as acquiring this coveted weapon doesn’t require dealing with the tunnel’s boss. Nevertheless, these daring sufficient to take action will probably be rewarded with the Moonveil Katana, a prized possession for Intelligence builds.

For the uninitiated, discovering the Gael Tunnel is a breeze. Located subsequent to Limgrave, gamers can effortlessly experience their solution to the Gael Tunnel with out confronting any adversaries. Start your journey by reaching the Rotview Balcony website of grace in Caelid, simply east of the Smoldering Church the place Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater, makes her presence felt. Entry this location by ascending the spirit springs north of the Third Church of Marika or following the japanese path from the Summonwater Village.

Navigating the Gael Tunnel:

Commencing from the Rotview Balcony, head south in direction of the cliff overlooking East Limgrave. Guarded by a small camp of Radahn Troopers, the doorway to the Gael Tunnel awaits. When you’ve unlocked Caelid’s map, a small purple icon will information you to the doorway south of Rotview Balcony.

Upon getting into the Gael Tunnel, confront two Radahn troopers. Select between participating them or choosing a extra strategic strategy – backstabbing one and sending them tumbling off the cliff. Subsequently, run or leap to the left ledge, descending to the underside to activate the Gael Tunnel website of grace.

From the location of grace, head north to discover a westward tunnel guarded by two Radahn troopers. Inside, a gaggle of Land Octopuses poses a problem. Deep inside this tunnel, a colossal Land Octopus guards the coveted Cross-Naginata. Swiftly seize the chance, seize the weapon, and make a hasty exit. The enormous Land Octopus, owing to its dimension, gained’t be capable to pursue you.

Cross-Naginata: Stats and Construct Necessities:

Now armed with the Cross-Naginata, it’s essential to know its necessities and potential builds. The weapon calls for 16 Energy and 20 Dexterity for efficient use, boasting cut up scaling between the 2 attributes. Upon reaching its most stage, the Cross-Naginata achieves a B scaling in Dexterity and a D in Energy. To experiment with scaling and infusions, gamers can use whetblades.

For talismans, think about using Lord of Blood’s Exultation to spice up assault when the Cross-Naginata triggers blood loss. Equip Warrior Jar Shard or Alexander Jar Shard to boost talent harm when utilizing the weapon’s talent. Elevate the bleed build-up with Ashes of Conflict, resembling Spinning Slash, Spinning Strikes, and Blood Tax. Talismans like Rotten Winged Sword Insignia and Millicent’s Prosthesis can additional amplify consecutive strike harm.