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How To Get Rebecca’s Shotgun in Cyberpunk 2077 A information on Getting Rebecca’s Shotgun in Cyberpunk 2077

The ever-evolving world of Cyberpunk 2077 continues to shock and delight gamers with the Phantom Liberty DLC and the great 2.0 replace. To maintain you updated, we’ve created this information that can assist you navigate the most recent modifications within the recreation, together with methods to purchase Rebecca’s iconic shotgun, generally known as “Guts.” Rebecca, a trigger-happy Night time Metropolis solo Edgerunner, featured within the “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” anime sequence, and her personalized shotgun can now be yours. Let’s dive into the easy steps to get your palms on this highly effective weapon.

Credit – VGKAMI

Discovering Rebecca’s Shotgun

You received’t must embark on a quest to find Guts in Cyberpunk 2077. As a substitute, comply with these straightforward steps to say your prize:

  1. Memorial Park: Head to Memorial Park, a round leisure space located on the coronary heart of the Corpo Plaza, inside Night time Metropolis’s Heart district.
  2. Quick Journey: When you’re on the park, you need to use the Arasaka Tower or Metro: Memorial Park quick journey factors for fast entry.
  3. Location: Make your approach to the best stage of the park, proper beneath the towering Militech construction.
  4. Visible Clues: Search for a particular blue fish hologram between you and the Arasaka tower, with the Militech tower on the alternative facet.
  5. The Discovery: Beneath a bush, you’ll discover Rebecca’s Shotgun. As certainly one of Cyberpunk 2077’s iconic weapons, it is going to be marked with an unmistakable orange loot image as quickly as you strategy the right bush.

Rebecca’s Shotgun Upgrades

With the two.0 replace, Guts has undergone vital modifications, making it an much more attractive weapon. Right here’s what you may count on:

Harm System Overhaul: Guts now contains a fully revamped harm system. The rarity of Guts will depend on your character’s stage once you purchase the weapon. Gamers who’ve reached the utmost stage will discover Guts on the Legendary/Iconic Tier 5 rarity.

Stats: Guts boasts spectacular statistics, together with an Assault Pace of 0.80, Harm starting from 421.44 (Tier 5+) to 470.59 (Tier 5++), an Efficient Vary of 12, and a Weapon Dealing with ranking of two.49.

Within the Base Sport, Guts is taken into account an Iconic variant of the Funds Arms Carnage shotgun. The usual Carnage is a powerhouse at shut vary, packing a punch with gradual fire-rate and reload velocity. To deal with its hefty recoil, you’ll want a minimal Physique attribute of 10. The shotgun’s pellets actually have a probability to ricochet off surfaces. You should use the mod slots so as to add compensation mods to be able to management the recoil.

Rebecca’s Guts, then again, is Epic rarity and comes with a number of enhancements. It converts the Carnage’s harm to Chemical, giving it the added potential to inflict poison harm upon hitting a goal. Moreover, Guts accommodates 8 shells at a time, in comparison with the bottom Carnage’s 5. These upgrades make it a extra formidable weapon, however in addition they include drawbacks. Guts has elevated unfold and recoil, with its recoil being so potent that it may be used to forestall fall harm.

Rebecca’s Shotgun, Guts, is a prized addition to your arsenal in Cyberpunk 2077. With the easy steps outlined on this information, you may declare this potent weapon for your self and tackle Night time Metropolis’s challenges with fashion. Consider the modifications introduced by the two.0 replace, which have overhauled the harm system, making Guts a worthwhile asset in your stock. As you enterprise into the streets of Night time Metropolis, keep in mind that Guts, as soon as wielded by the impulsive and trigger-happy Rebecca, is now in your palms. It’s time to discover its capabilities and unleash its energy. Get pleasure from your journey by way of Cyberpunk 2077 with this iconic shotgun by your facet, and let the adventures start!