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How To Get Leafeon in Pokemon GO A information on Getting Leafeon in Pokemon GO

Eevee, a beloved Pokemon on the earth of Pokemon GO, boasts quite a few thrilling evolutions, and one among them is Leafeon, the charming Grass-type creature. Leafeon made its debut within the fourth technology of the Pokemon franchise, becoming a member of the ranks of different Eevee evolutions like Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, and Espeon. Should you’re keen so as to add Leafeon to your Pokemon assortment in Pokemon GO, this information is right here to assist. Over time, Pokemon GO has launched a wide range of distinctive Pokemon, a lot of which have a number of evolution levels. However Eevee stands out as a Pokemon with a particular twist, providing eight distinct evolution prospects. Considered one of these choices results in the Grass-type Leafeon, and on this information, we’ll stroll you thru all of the strategies to acquire this charming creature in Pokemon GO.

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Getting your arms on Leafeon in Pokemon GO could appear a tad perplexing at first, however fear not, as we’ll break it down into easy steps that even a beginner coach can perceive.

Evolve Eevee with a Mossy Lure Module:

Trainers in Pokemon GO can safe a Leafeon by evolving an Eevee whereas being within the proximity of a Mossy Lure Module. These particular PokeStop modules serve a twin function – not solely do they appeal to Pokemon to a selected PokeStop for half-hour, however additionally they have the magical capability to rework an Eevee right into a Leafeon, supplied that the participant has the required candies and is inside vary of an lively Lure Module.

Right here’s learn how to make it occur: Acquire a Mossy Lure Module, which could be bought within the Store for 180 PokeCoins. b. Discover a PokeStop and insert the Mossy Lure Module into it. c. Give the Picture Disc a spin. d. Evolve your Eevee whilst you’re nonetheless throughout the Lure Module’s affect zone.

By following these easy steps, your Eevee will evolve into the pleasant Leafeon. Take into account that utilizing a Glacial Lure Module as an alternative will end in your Eevee evolving into Glaceon, one other thrilling Eevee evolution.

The “Title Trick”:

The “identify trick” is an alternate methodology that works for varied Pokemon inside Eevee’s evolution line. Nonetheless, it’s vital to notice that the particular identify corresponding to every potential evolution is exclusive. To acquire Leafeon, ensure that to nickname an Eevee “Linnea” after which proceed with the evolution course of.

Take into account that the “identify trick” is a one-time use characteristic. After using it, you’ll have to depend on the Mossy Lure Module methodology or different strategies to accumulate extra Leafeons.

No matter which methodology you select, be ready to have 25 Eevee Candies at your disposal, as they’re important for the evolution course of.

Shiny Leafeon in Pokemon GO

It’s potential to come across a Shiny model of Leafeon in Pokemon GO. Trainers lucky sufficient to find a Shiny Eevee can evolve it right into a Shiny Leafeon, including a contact of uniqueness to their Pokemon assortment.

Maximizing Your Leafeon’s Potential

When you’ve obtained your Leafeon, it’s important to evaluate its high quality and energy. Should you discover that your Leafeon is on the weaker facet, you may improve its capabilities and exchange its assaults with ones that fit your preferences. Nonetheless, this endeavor requires a considerable quantity of Stardust and Eevee sweet, so it’s smart to replenish on these beneficial assets prematurely.

A completely powered-up Leafeon turns into a formidable Grass-type Pokemon, able to resisting Floor, Water, Grass, and Electrical-type opponents. With the proper technique and dedication, your Leafeon can develop into a key asset in battles and raids.


Within the vibrant world of Pokemon GO, acquiring the charming Leafeon is a rewarding expertise for trainers of all ranges. By evolving Eevee utilizing both a Mossy Lure Module or the “identify trick,” you may add this Grass-type magnificence to your assortment. And for these fortunate sufficient to discover a Shiny Eevee, the chance to have a Shiny Leafeon awaits.

Keep in mind to evaluate and strengthen your Leafeon’s attributes to make it a robust addition to your roster. With willpower and cautious planning, you’ll have a Leafeon that may maintain its personal in opposition to a wide range of opponents. So, get on the market, seize Eevees, and embark in your journey to acquire the pleasant Leafeon in Pokemon GO!