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How To Get Diancie in Pokemon GO A information on Getting Diancie in Pokemon GO

The enchanting world of Pokemon GO has now launched the charming Jewel Pokemon, Diancie, together with its Mega Evolution. This thrilling addition has despatched waves of anticipation all through the participant group. For these eagerly wanting so as to add Diancie to their assortment, there’s a easy path to comply with. This text breaks down the steps to accumulate Diancie and its Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO, making certain that each participant, together with these taking part within the Pokemon GO Fest 2023 occasions, can catch ’em all!

Credit – Niantic

Getting Diancie in Pokemon GO

For the possibility to seize Diancie in Pokemon GO, step one is acquiring a ticket for the 2023 Pokemon GO Fest: World occasion. As soon as this ticket is secured, gamers are able to embark on the journey. The subsequent vital milestone is finishing step 4 of the GO Fest 2023: Fascinating Sides Particular Analysis. This accomplishment results in a coveted encounter with Diancie. Whereas this course of could seem unique to ticket holders, relaxation assured that Diancie will finally be accessible to all gamers sooner or later, much like previous ‘Mon like Shaymin.

Diancie and Mega Diancie are legendary creatures of the Rock and Fairy sorts, enriching the Pokemon GO expertise. Diancie boasts a commendable most CP of 3091, whereas its advanced counterpart, Mega Diancie, reaches a formidable 4913 CP. These Pokemon, together with their Shiny variants, come outfitted with versatile transfer units that show remarkably efficient in each PvP and PvE eventualities. This raises the query of methods to purchase Mega Diancie and whether or not its Shiny model is inside attain.

Mega Diancie

Securing Mega Diancie requires a strategic strategy. The preliminary step includes acquiring Diancie itself, which is featured prominently within the Pokemon GO Fest 2023. Those that possess occasion tickets acquire entry to unique Particular Analysis on the primary day of the World occasion. Saturday, August 26, holds the important thing to encountering Diancie via this Particular Analysis.

Mega Diancie’s true potential shines via its moveset, significantly the mix of Rock Throw and Moonblast, delivering a formidable 24.08 DPS. To provoke Mega Evolution, gamers should amass 300 items of Pokemon GO Mega Vitality. This power will be procured via Particular Analysis story rewards accessible by way of tickets and by triumphing in Carbink raids. Partaking in 2-Star Carbink raids and rising victorious is the important thing. It’s vital to notice that swifter raid boss defeats yield extra Mega Vitality, so effectivity is rewarded.

Understanding Carbink Raids

The two-Star Raid that includes Carbink, a Rock and Fairy-type Pokemon, presents a novel problem. To sort out this raid successfully, a strategic understanding of sort strengths and weaknesses is essential. Carbink’s vulnerabilities lie in Floor, Metal, Water, and Grass-type assaults, making these the popular selections when countering it.

A number of Pokemon have confirmed to be efficient towards Carbink. Notable examples embody Mega Aggron, Metagross, Dialga, Genesect, Zacian, Excadrill, Mega Aerodactyl, Scizor, Melmetal, and Lucario. Their quick and charged assaults ought to be tailor-made to take advantage of Carbink’s weaknesses.

The Mega Evolution Course of

As gamers conquer Carbink raids and amass the required 300 Diancie Mega Vitality, the trail to Mega Evolution turns into clearer. Diancie undergoes this transformation for a length of eight hours, with just one Pokemon allowed to Mega Evolve at any given time. A noteworthy element is that initiating Mega Evolution on a unique Pokemon throughout the eight-hour window will trigger Mega Diancie to revert to its authentic type. Advancing Mega Ranges decreases Mega Vitality necessities, reduces cooldown, and unveils enhanced bonuses.

Shiny Variants

Whereas Pokemon GO hosts an array of Shiny variants, the elusive Shiny Diancie has but to grace the sport. Recreation builders at Niantic comply with a sample of introducing Shiny and authentic variants individually, suggesting that Shiny Mega Diancie stays a future risk. As Diancie and its Mega counterpart make their debut, gamers can anticipate the eventual unveiling of their Shiny kinds, albeit with some endurance.


The appearance of Diancie and Mega Diancie in Pokemon GO has sparked renewed pleasure within the gaming group. By following these simple steps, gamers can add these legendary Rock and Fairy-type Pokemon to their roster, enhancing their gameplay with versatile transfer units and strategic Mega Evolution. Because the journey unfolds, the potential of a Shiny Mega Diancie on the horizon provides an additional layer of anticipation to the expertise. Embrace the journey and embark on the trail to capturing these outstanding Pokemon within the charming realm of Pokemon GO.