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How To Farm & Use XL Sweet in Pokemon GO A information on Farming and Utilizing XL Sweet in Pokemon GO

The introduction of XL Sweet in December 2020 revolutionized the sport, permitting Trainers to propel their Pokemon from degree 40 to the coveted degree 50. On this information, we’ll delve into the intricacies of XL Sweet, exploring what it’s, the best way to use it, and most significantly, the very best strategies to farm it effectively.

Credit – PokemonGOHub


XL Sweet serves because the gateway to unleashing the total potential of your Pokemon within the post-“Past Replace” period. Earlier than this replace, Pokemon would cap at degree 40, however with XL Sweet, the sky’s the restrict, extending the journey from degree 40 to 50. Notably, XL Sweet turns into accessible solely when the Coach reaches Degree 31, including a component of development to the sport.

Not like its conventional counterpart, XL Sweet operates on a tiered system. The preliminary power-up prices 10 XL Sweet, step by step growing with every enhancement. Two distinct sorts exist:

  1. XL Sweet: Tailor-made for particular Pokemon species, these candies are unique to the corresponding Pokemon. For instance, Amaura and its evolution solely devour Amaura Sweet for power-ups.
  2. XL Uncommon Sweet: Distinguished by a rainbow hue, these candies adapt to the Pokemon that consumes them. For example, feeding a Uncommon Sweet XL to Aurorus transforms it into Amaura Sweet XL. This versatile sweet variant applies solely to Pokemon at degree 40, resembling the standard Uncommon Sweet in its applicability to any Pokemon.

Using XL Sweet:

The method of utilizing XL Sweet mirrors that of normal Sweet. Choosing the “Energy Up” possibility initiates the improve. For these wanting to expedite their Pokemon’s ascent from degree 40 to 50, the requirement is straightforward: Stardust, common Sweet of the particular Pokemon, and a considerable 296 items of XL Sweet. This method applies to non-Shadow Pokemon, with Shadow Pokemon demanding a extra appreciable quantity.

It’s essential to notice that the quantity of Stardust and Sweet wanted for Energy Up varies in response to the present degree of the Pokemon in query.

Finest Methods for Farming XL Sweet:

  1. Catching Pokemon: The first and quickest methodology includes catching Pokemon. As of Coach Degree 31, there’s an opportunity of receiving XL Sweet (as much as 3 items) with every catch. Increased CP ranges correlate with elevated XL Sweet drops, making it an efficient technique for XL Sweet farming.

    • First-stage evolution Pokemon assure one XL Sweet.
    • Two-stage evolution Pokemon yield two XL Candies.
    • Legendary and Legendary Pokemon bestow three XL Candies.
    • Raid Boss captures safe one XL Sweet.
  2. Strolling a Buddy Pokemon: Deciding on a Pokemon as a strolling companion proves to be one other rewarding XL Sweet supply. The space walked, coupled with the Pokemon’s CP, influences the probability of XL Sweet drops. A 3km stroll usually yields one common Sweet, with an opportunity of acquiring an XL Sweet.
  3. Transferring Pokemon: Excessive CP degree Pokemon enhance the chances of XL Sweet drops throughout transfers. Every transferred Pokemon ensures at the very least one XL Sweet, offering a further avenue for useful resource accumulation.
  4. Hatching Pokemon Eggs: The kind of Pokemon Egg determines the XL Sweet yield, with longer distances equating to larger possibilities. From 2km to 12km Eggs, the typical XL Sweet rely ranges from one to 4, making egg hatching a profitable XL Sweet supply.
  5. Exchanging Sweet: Buying and selling in common Sweet gives one other route for XL Sweet acquisition. For a price of 100 common Sweet, gamers obtain one XL Sweet. Nonetheless, this methodology is advisable solely when extra common Sweet is accessible, contemplating its continued necessity for leveling up and evolution.
  6. Buying and selling a Pokemon: Whereas not assured, buying and selling a Pokemon may end up in an XL Sweet for one or each merchants. To boost the probability, each Trainers must be at the very least Degree 31, with the gap between the traded Pokemon influencing the chance of receiving an XL Sweet.
  7. Uncommon Sweet XL Rewards: Uncommon Sweet XL seems to be completely rewarded for leveling up a Pokemon past degree 40, including a component of unpredictability to its acquisition.