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How To Evolve Chingling in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet A information on Evolving Chingling in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

With the discharge of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Teal Masks DLC, a slew of beloved Pokemon, together with Chingling and Chimecho, have made their triumphant return. These Psychic-type Pokemon have received the hearts of trainers with their endearing appearances and distinctive skills. Nonetheless, evolving Chingling into Chimecho entails a bit greater than your typical level-up methodology. On this information, we’ll stroll you thru the method in easy phrases, guaranteeing that even newcomers to the Pokemon world can perceive.

Credit – DotEsports

The place to Discover Chingling

To kickstart your journey in the direction of evolving Chingling into Chimecho, you first must discover a Chingling. These little bell-like Pokemon will be found in rocky and grassy areas, primarily within the middle of Kitakami. Listed here are some particular places the place you may encounter Chingling: Oni Mountain, Infernal Move, Wistful Fields and Crystal Pool

One of the vital dependable spots to seek out Chingling is across the Crystal Pool, located on the coronary heart of the Kitakami map. Many trainers have reported profitable Chingling sightings on this space, together with Pokemon like Yanma and Barboach. When you seize a Chingling, it is going to be registered as quantity 142 in your Pokedex, simply earlier than Chimecho and after Dusknoir.

The best way to Evolve Chingling into Chimecho

Now that you’ve a Chingling in your possession, the following step is to evolve it into Chimecho. This evolution requires elevating Chingling’s friendship stage and happens throughout nighttime. Right here’s how one can make it occur:

  1. Enhance Friendship: To extend Chingling’s friendship with you, spend high quality time along with your Pokemon. You possibly can catch Chingling in a Luxurious or Buddy Ball to expedite this course of. Moreover, if you’ll find a Soothe Bell, give it to Chingling to additional speed up the friendship-building course of.
  2. Work together with Chingling: Strolling round with Chingling in your social gathering, providing it objects, partaking in auto-battles, and taking it alongside for picnics are all actions that assist strengthen your bond. Nonetheless, be conscious that letting Chingling get knocked out in battles can lower its friendship stage.
  3. Friendship-Boosting Berries: In your bag, test for berries that improve friendship. These embrace the Pomeg Berry, Kelpsy Berry, Qualot Berry, Hondew Berry, Grepa Berry, and Tamato Berry. Feeding Chingling a few of these berries can velocity up the method. Needless to say utilizing these berries could trigger Chingling to lose a few of its Effort Values (EVs).
  4. Friendship Checker: To maintain monitor of Chingling’s friendship stage, go to Cascarrafa. Within the middle of town, north of the fountain, you’ll discover the Friendship Checker alongside along with her Marill. She’ll offer you a tough concept of how shut you’re to evolving Chingling. As soon as she tells you, “You’re good mates, all proper!” you’re both shut or able to set off the evolution.
  5. Stage Up at Evening: The ultimate step in evolving Chingling into Chimecho is leveling it up throughout nighttime. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the day-night cycle lasts roughly 72 minutes. Chances are you’ll want to attend for round half an hour or so for the night time to reach. As soon as the moonlight graces the world of Scarlet and Violet, your Chingling will evolve into Chimecho.


Evolving Chingling into Chimecho in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could require a little bit of endurance and energy, however the lovely wind chime-like Pokemon is nicely definitely worth the journey. By nurturing a robust bond with Chingling, offering it with the fitting objects, and monitoring its friendship stage, you possibly can efficiently evolve it through the nighttime hours. With this easy information, even these new to the world of Pokemon can embark on this pleasant journey and add Chimecho to their staff of beloved Pokemon. So, set forth into Kitakami, seize a Chingling, and watch it evolve into the charming Chimecho beneath the starry skies of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.