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How To Disable and Board Ships in Starfield A information on Disabling and Boarding Ships in Starfield

Within the huge and exhilarating universe of Starfield, spacefarers usually discover themselves in high-stakes conditions involving ship fight and encounters with hostile vessels. Whereas blowing up an enemy ship would possibly look like the plain answer, there are cases the place disabling the ship with out destroying it may be the smarter alternative. This information will stroll you thru the artwork of ship disabling, boarding, and looting in Starfield, utilizing easy language that even a young person can perceive.

Credit – StarfieldWiKi

Disabling Ships 

Starfield’s ship fight could seem easy, however there are important nuances to pay attention to. Considered one of these lesser-known mechanics is the power to disable hostile ships with out pushing them to the brink of destruction. Whereas obliterating an enemy vessel could look like the go-to answer, there are distinct benefits to easily disabling them, particularly in sure situations.

  1. Goal for Ship Methods: Within the early phases of the sport, you’ll be taught to focus on an enemy ship’s engines to immobilize it. Nevertheless, this method carries the danger of destroying the ship completely, making it unimaginable to board. An alternate technique is to make use of EM weapons, such because the Disruptor 3300 Electron Beam, particularly designed to inflict extra harm on ship programs when in concentrating on mode.
  2. EM Weapons: EM weapons could not deal vital direct harm, however they excel at crippling inside ship programs with only a few hits. This minimizes the danger of destroying the goal ship. This tactic proves invaluable in two situations: dogfights involving a number of vessels and hostage rescue missions.
  3. Quicker Decision: Destroying a ship’s weapons, shields, and engines will be quicker than obliterating the vessel itself. Utilizing EM weapons means that you can quickly take enemies out of the struggle, making it simpler to give attention to eliminating them one after the other.
  4. Hostage Rescue Missions: Freestar mission boards usually function hostage rescue missions that require boarding enemy ships to save lots of civilians. Destroying the goal ship in such missions would end result within the dying of the hostages, so choosing ship disabling is essential.
  5. Think about Weaponry: EM weapons will be wonderful alternate options to missile launchers. Make sure you weaken enemy shields earlier than concentrating on very important programs, and equip sturdy lasers. Moreover, do not forget that you can’t board enemy ships whereas they’re engaged in fight with different vessels. At all times have weapons able to destroying hulls, similar to cannons or particle weapons.

Boarding Ships 

When you’ve efficiently disabled an enemy ship’s engine, will probably be rendered motionless. Your crew members will notify you when a ship’s system has been broken, indicating that it’s time to board. Right here’s do it:

  1. Goal the Ship: Be sure you have the enemy ship focused by urgent ‘E’ on PC or ‘A’ on a controller.
  2. Strategy Intently: Fly inside 500 meters of the focused ship.
  3. Boarding Possibility: Maintain ‘R’ on PC or ‘Y’ on a controller to disclose the choice to board the disabled ship.

Once you board an enemy ship, most of its inhabitants will possible be within the pilot space. Nevertheless, relying on the ship’s dimension, some crew members could also be in several quarters. To get rid of all threats, systematically sweep by way of the ship room by room. If enemies are dug in, don’t hesitate to make use of grenades to flush them out.

Looting Ships 

Defeating enemy vessels comes with rewards ready to be claimed. To maximise your beneficial properties, observe these steps when looting an enemy ship:

  1. Cargo Maintain: Be certain to loot the ship’s cargo maintain and captain’s maintain for additional loot.
  2. Examine Habitat Modules: Study all habitat modules totally. Usually, when dealing with Spacers or Crimson Raiders, you’ll discover contraband objects displayed on cabinets or desks. Maintain a watch out for suspicious briefcases containing unlawful tech.
  3. Take Management (Optionally available): If you happen to want to add the enemy ship to your fleet, you are able to do so at this level. Leaping programs, touchdown on planets, or taking off will robotically designate it as your private home ship, transferring your crew and cargo to this new vessel. If you happen to resolve to change again, you may change your private home ship whereas customizing at a ship technician.
  4. Undock and Achieve XP: If you happen to deem the captured ship unworthy, return to your personal ship and choose the Undock button. Open hearth to realize further XP and go away no hint of your actions.


Mastering the artwork of ship disabling, boarding, and looting in Starfield is usually a game-changer in your spacefaring adventures. Choosing the proper method, whether or not it’s disabling an enemy ship to rescue hostages or effectively looting priceless contraband, can considerably impression your success within the sport. By following these easy steps, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the cosmos and emerge victorious in Starfield’s thrilling universe.