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How To Beat the Anonymous Puppet in Lies of P A information on Beating the Anonymous Puppet in Lies of P

Going through off in opposition to formidable bosses is an exhilarating a part of taking part in video games like Lies of P. These epic showdowns take a look at your abilities and information of recreation mechanics. Among the many difficult adversaries in Lies of P, the optionally available remaining boss often called the Anonymous Puppet stands out as a real take a look at of your skills. To emerge victorious on this climactic battle, you’ll want to attract upon the whole lot you’ve realized up to now. This information will offer you the important info it is advisable conquer the Anonymous Puppet.

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Understanding the Anonymous Puppet

Earlier than we dive into the methods, let’s get to know the Anonymous Puppet a bit higher. This boss shares similarities with different swift and formidable foes within the recreation, such because the Stalkers and Laxasia the Full. It’s recognized for its agility and punishing assaults, making it a formidable adversary.

The Anonymous Puppet primarily wields a sword for its assaults, sometimes remodeling it right into a greatsword for elevated harm. It employs a collection of fast slashes as its base combo, so that you’ll must good your blocking or preserve a well-timed guard to reduce the harm you are taking. When it switches to the greatsword, it’ll cost in direction of you. This presents a chance for a well-timed dodge or block, permitting you to retaliate throughout its transient weak moments. Moreover, its sweeping greatsword assaults are comparatively simple to keep away from, granting you alternatives to counterattack.

In the course of the battle, it’s advisable to undertake a considerably defensive strategy. Attempt to circle across the Anonymous Puppet as a lot as attainable, solely launching your individual assaults when it’s weak or staggered as a consequence of constant blocking. Be cautious to not stray too far, as it will probably use a Pulse Cell to regenerate its well being.

Section 2: An Even Larger Problem

Because the battle progresses into its second section, the stakes change into even greater. With Geppetto not in charge of the Anonymous Puppet, you’ll face an much more relentless opponent.

  1. Elevated Pace: On this section, the Anonymous Puppet’s assaults change into sooner and extra relentless. Its slash combos mix fast strikes with fixed motion, making timing essential for avoiding harm.
  2. Airborne Threats: Be watchful when the boss leaps into the air, as it will probably carry out a swift dive that it is best to dodge to evade.
  3. Power Wave: When the Anonymous Puppet jumps into the air, it might unleash a wave of power towards its entrance. Try to dam this assault, as there won’t be ample time to flee its attain.
  4. Prolonged Combo: When the boss merges its swords collectively, it unleashes a protracted collection of back-and-forth slashes. You’ll must endure this onslaught or make the most of the Aegis for added safety.
  5. Ranged Assaults: At a distance, the Anonymous Puppet can make use of two assaults. First, it might try to seize you, so put together to dodge on the final attainable second in the event you see it rear up. Secondly, when it switches to a lance-like weapon, it should hearth a beam adopted by a thrust.

As soon as once more, the important thing to success is to decide on your moments for offense properly. Blocking all the Anonymous Puppet’s swift assaults will be difficult, so anticipate taking some harm and heal when vital. Using the Aegis and the Excellent Guard Grindstone, which triggers a Excellent Guard each few seconds, can show invaluable. Hopefully, these defensive techniques will stagger the Anonymous Puppet, permitting you to execute a Deadly Assault.


With willpower and strategic play, you’ll ultimately carry down the Anonymous Puppet. Your reward for this hard-fought battle would be the Anonymous Puppet’s Ergo, which is pivotal in figuring out the result of Lies of P. Your selections and actions within the recreation will result in both the nice or dangerous ending.


Conquering the Anonymous Puppet in Lies of P is a monumental achievement, and with the appropriate techniques, it’s nicely inside your grasp. Bear in mind to give attention to perfecting your defensive abilities, selecting your moments for offense fastidiously, and utilizing your gear properly. By following these easy methods, you’ll be well-prepared to face the Anonymous Puppet and obtain victory on this difficult boss battle. So, gear up, keep vigilant, and present this formidable foe simply who’s in management in Lies of P!