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How To Beat Symbiote Peter in Spider-Man 2 A information on Beating Symbiote Peter in Spider-Man 2

Because the story progresses, an epic showdown pits two Spider-Males in opposition to one another. After a fierce battle with Kraven in the primary mission, “Something Can Be Damaged,” Peter Parker finds himself underneath the sinister affect of the Black Swimsuit’s Symbiote. It’s as much as the brand new Spider-Man, Miles Morales, to free Peter from the Symbiote’s management. This battle between the Spider-Males presents probably the most thrilling boss fights within the sport. Right here, we’ll break down the methods it is advisable to overcome Symbiote Peter and save your pleasant neighborhood Spider-Man.

Credit – PlaystationBlog

Section One

The showdown begins as Peter submerges the Kraven enviornment within the Black Swimsuit’s Symbiote goo. When the battle commences, Peter makes an attempt a Net Strike assault by lunging at Miles with the Triangle button. To counter this, you possibly can both parry or dodge the assault to keep away from getting hit.

Juggling Peter within the air is difficult as a result of he tends to leap again. It’s finest to maintain the battle grounded. When you’re not cautious, Peter would possibly summon a big tendril, marked by a yellow circle, which can’t be dodged however could be parried for a counter-attack alternative.

Peter can execute combos, that includes gradual punches along with his left and proper hand, adopted by a strong Crush assault. Dodge the Crush assault, indicated by a big blue circle, and when Peter winds his arm again to summon a black tendril.

Be careful for a parry-only transfer the place Peter makes use of a tendril to toss Miles into the air. Your Spider-Sense will provide you with ample time to parry this assault. If Peter succeeds in connecting, he’ll carry out an air combo on Miles.

A wise technique is to make the most of the bell within the heart of the sector. This is identical bell Kraven used in opposition to Peter earlier. Press L1 + R1 to ring it, beautiful each Peter and the Symbiote. This momentary pause permits you to carry out combos with out interference and construct up your focus meter. Peter will net up the bell, rendering it unusable for the remainder of this section. Take into account that Miles’ particular skill with L3 + R3 delivers a strong lightning explosion, dealing almost 25% injury to Peter’s well being bar when obtainable. You may as well press Up on the D-Pad to enter camouflage to take a breather from Peter’s relentless assaults.

Section Two

After depleting Peter’s first well being bar, a mini-cut scene creates a long way between the Spider-Males. Peter instantly tries to seize Spider-Man with a tendril, often called his whip assault, which you’ll dodge to evade.

Peter additionally makes use of the Symbiote Punch skill, the place he tries to seize Miles with a tendril to inflict substantial injury. Dodge these strikes and pay shut consideration to your Spider-Senses for the correct timing. There’s a variant of the Symbiote Punch that can not be countered, marked by a Crush assault above Peter’s head. On this case, merely dodge it.

One other transfer in Peter’s arsenal is the Symbiote Blast, which sends tendrils in all instructions. That is additionally a Crush assault, so dodge it, particularly when Miles is within the air.

You may as soon as once more ring the bell to stun Peter, permitting you to construct up your Talents and Focus meter with out interference. Peter will finally net up the bell, however in case you see him launch into the air, you possibly can snatch a Symbiote bomb out of his arms by urgent L1 + R1 as an alternative of dodging it. Throw it again on the bell to take away the webbing and reuse it.

The important thing to defeating Peter in Spider-Man 2 is to benefit from the bell and the assorted strikes you’ve realized all through the sport. Miles’ Venom Powers are significantly efficient in opposition to the Symbiote, so use them when obtainable. If you cut back Peter’s well being to 0% once more, he enters the third and ultimate section, changing into much more aggressive.

Section Three

The third section begins as Miles fires an electrical blast at Peter, creating a long way between them. Because the battle resumes, Peter launches a Symbiote Strike assault, making an attempt to sort out Miles and launch him upward. This can be a Crush assault, so be able to dodge to the aspect.

The bell turns into obtainable as soon as extra, making it a priceless tactic to stun the Symbiote and make Peter a extra manageable opponent. Always beautiful the Symbiote ensures a good battle, no matter your chosen problem setting. Nevertheless, remember that Peter throws the Symbiote Bomb, which Miles can catch with L1 + R1. Peter will throw it again, requiring you to hit L1 + R1 once more, making a scorching potato-like change.

In section three, Peter employs all of the strikes from the earlier phases, with a extra aggressive strategy. Hold your Focus meter as a backup for therapeutic, and give attention to utilizing Talents and parries to maintain Peter at bay. When Peter’s well being reaches 0%, a brief cutscene performs, and you’re taking management of Peter, desperately making an attempt to take away the Symbiote. Spam the Sq. button and use the Left Stick and Proper Stick in opposing instructions to finish the battle, free Peter from the Symbiote’s grasp, and reunite the 2 Spider-Males.