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How To Beat Mewtwo Tera Raid in Pokemon GO A information on Beating Mewtwo Tera Raid in Pokemon GO

Thrilling information for all Pokemon trainers on the market! In August 2023, through the Pokemon Presents occasion, it was introduced that Mewtwo can be making a particular look in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raid Battles. These raids will probably be no stroll within the park; they’ll be 7-Star raids, working from August thirty first to September seventeenth. The reward to your efforts? The possibility to catch Mewtwo! As of now, Mewtwo isn’t obtainable within the recreation, however fret not; this information will allow you to assemble one of the best group to overcome the 7-star Mewtwo Tera Raid boss.

Credit – PokemonGO

Beginning the Mewtwo Tera Raid:

As many seasoned trainers know, Crystals are the important thing to initiating a Tera Raid Battle. To embark on a Tera Raid with Mewtwo, preserve your eyes peeled for Black Crystals on the map.

Greatest Counters Towards Mewtwo Tera Raid Boss:

Now, let’s discuss technique. Bear in mind, these are 7-star raids, so that you’ll want some formidable Pokemon to safe victory. Mewtwo is a Psychic Tera-Kind, making it prone to Bug, Darkish, and Ghost-type assaults. Right here’s a traditional tip: pitting Mew in opposition to Mewtwo works surprisingly effectively. Guarantee Mew’s stats are as much as snuff and equip it with potent strikes earlier than heading into battle.

One other stable selection is Skeledirge. Whereas not everybody could have Fuecoco, one of many starter Pokemon, you’ll be able to purchase one by way of breeding or on-line buying and selling. Skeledirge makes a improbable counter for Mewtwo due to its transfer Hex, which boasts an influence of 130. It additionally wields the formidable Ghost-type transfer Shadowball. Plus, it might probably use Sing to lull Mewtwo to sleep, stopping it from attacking for a flip, or perhaps even longer. With its array of skills and assaults, Skeledirge is a precious asset in taking down Mewtwo.

Right here’s a useful record of advisable Pokemon for the Mewtwo Tera Raid Boss:

  1. Mew
  2. Skeledirge
  3. Kingambit
  4. Gholdengo

For these looking for the highest counters within the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mewtwo Tera Raid, look no additional. Skeledirge, Kingambit, and Gholdengo take the cake. Mewtwo boasts a formidable Assault stat, so we advocate counters that may both resist its assaults, are proof against them, or can face up to the harm. Take into account that Mewtwo usually carries strikes that exploit weaknesses, so brace yourselves for some super-effective harm. Your aim needs to be to dish out excessive harm to Mewtwo as rapidly as potential.

Methods for Beating the Mewtwo Tera Raid:

Now, let’s delve into some efficient methods for conquering the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mewtwo Tera Raid:

Greatest Chi-Yu Technique:

Chi-Yu, one of many Legendary Treasures of Damage quartet, wields the highly effective capacity Beads of Damage, which reduces the opponent’s Particular Protection by 25%. With an astounding Particular Assault stat of 135, Chi-Yu ranks among the many mightiest species in Scarlet & Violet.

Strikes like Nasty Plot and Darkish Pulse can rapidly chip away at Mewtwo’s HP. If the Solar shines throughout battle, think about unleashing Overheat for substantial harm.

Greatest Gholdengo Technique:

Gholdengo shines brightly in Scarlet and Violet, boasting 9 resistances and a useful Capacity known as Good as Gold, which grants immunity to opposing standing strikes when outfitted with the Capacity Defend.

Gholdengo’s excessive Particular Assault stat permits it to unleash strikes like Steel Sound, Shadow Ball, and Make it Rain, dealing vital harm to Mewtwo. You may also use Calm Thoughts to spice up its Particular Assault or Thunder Wave to doubtlessly paralyze the Raid Boss. If Mewtwo makes use of Focus Blast, each Gholdengo and Skeledirge make glorious counters, as they’re proof against Mewtwo’s Aura Sphere.

Greatest Skeledirge Technique:

Skeledirge, a starter Pokemon, stands as a wonderful Mewtwo Tera Raid counter. Not solely is it sturdy, nevertheless it additionally boasts a formidable Particular Assault stat of 110. In case your Skeledirge has the Hidden Capacity Unaware, it gained’t be affected by Mewtwo’s Particular Assault boosts from Calm Thoughts.

Through the use of Torch Track, Skeledirge can inflict substantial impartial harm whereas concurrently boosting its Particular Assault with every use. Moreover, utilizing Will-O-Wisp can apply the Burn standing to Mewtwo, step by step chipping away at its HP. Skeledirge isn’t performed but; it might probably additionally unleash Hex with a whopping base energy of 130, dealing super-effective harm to Mewtwo when it’s by a standing situation. Don’t overlook about Shadow Ball, which might pack a punch. You may even go for Slack Off to get well 50% of Skeledirge’s most HP. Remember, although, that Mewtwo could have the higher hand when it comes to velocity.

Greatest Kingambit Technique:

Kingambit is a well-liked selection in Gen 9 as a result of its outstanding capacity, Supreme Overlord. This capacity grants Kingambit’s assaults an additional 10% energy for every fainted ally.

Sucker Punch is Kingambit’s go-to transfer, boasting +1 Precedence, permitting it to strike earlier than Mewtwo can use its strikes. Moreover, Sucker Punch offers super-effective harm, benefiting from the boosts granted by Supreme Overlord. Kingambit’s signature transfer, Kowtow Cleave, is one other glorious selection in opposition to the Raid Boss.


With the information of those prime counters and techniques in your arsenal, you’re well-prepared to face the Mewtwo Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Assemble your group, fill up on sources, and embark on this thrilling journey to seize some of the iconic and highly effective Pokemon on the earth of Pokemon GO. Good luck, trainers, and should your battles be victorious!